Coyotes killing deer in Winnipeg, St. Vital residents warn

WARNING: Video contains image of dead deer

WINNIPEG – St. Vital residents are keeping a close eye on young children and pets after coyote sightings were reported and dead deer found along the Seine River.

Justin Hobson found the remains of a deer while walking his dog along the river trail in St. Vital on Nov. 19. He found a second dead deer on Saturday.

“Because of whats happening I’m sure people will be more on edge,” said Hobson, who also owns a small dog. “He wouldn’t stand a chance, he’s only 18 pounds.

Signs have been posted in the neighbourhood, warning people to take care of their pets and young children.

Signs warning about coyote sightings have been posted in the St. Vital area. Courtesy of Justin Hobson / Global News

Manitoba Conservation says coyotes attacking people, is extremely rare.

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“They are not a super aggressive species,” said Brian Joynt, Manager of Regional Wildlife Programs. But he also says people should enjoy them from a distance.  “If they approach you, make noise, or wave your arms.  If you are in a group of people, you have very little to fear from a coyote.

So far this November Conservation says they’ve received 19 calls of coyote sightings, about average for this time of year.  Coyotes will eat compost and road kill, as well as prey on deer.

While the deer population is lower provincially, within city limits its still considered ‘healthy.’  Hobson says residents aren’t helping by feeding the deer.  He says he has seen others leaving slices of bread and lettuce out for the deer, which in turn, could attract more coyotes.

IN PHOTOS: Coyote spotted in St. Vital.


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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the deer were on the Red River.

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