Throwing a jersey onto the ice at a Leafs game could get you banned

WATCH: The Toronto Maple Leafs are saying fans who throw their jerseys on the ice will be banned from games.

TORONTO – Are you disappointed by the 9-2 loss the Maple Leafs were handed by the Nashville Predators? Or the 6-2 loss a few days prior to the Buffalo Sabres?  What about the 47 years Toronto’s team has gone without a Stanley Cup?

Well regardless of how upset you are, don’t even think about throwing your jersey onto the ice out of disgust – it could get you banned from the Air Canada Centre.

Jamie Deans, a spokesperson for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, told Global News in an email that the policy is to deter people from interfering with the game. He said throwing things onto the ice could result in a trespassing charge and lead to “some sort of ban” from the building.

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And the jersey toss will also put you in Phil Kessel’s bad books, who recently called the act “classless” and “disrespectful.”

“Not just to us but to the organization, to all of the [hockey] players that have ever played for Toronto. If you want to boo us [that’s fine] – but you’re disrespecting all of the great players and the great teams that they’ve had before us [by throwing jerseys] here. That’s the way I look at it,” Kessel said according to a report in the Globe and Mail.

“I think that’s pretty classless to throw your jersey on the ice like that.”

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Kessel’s comments came after a fan threw his jersey onto the ice during play with just three minutes and 53 seconds left in Tuesday’s game when the Leafs were only losing 8-2.

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Toronto Maple Leafs ice crew pick up waffles that fans threw on the ice during the third period of the game between the Leafs and the Atlanta Thrashers in Toronto on Monday, December 20, 2010. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

In the past, some fans have thrown foodstuffs instead. A 31-year-old man, wearing a Santa hat and Darcy Tucker jersey was charged with mischief in 2010 after throwing waffles onto the ice at the Air Canada Centre during a 6-3 loss to the Atlanta Thrashers.  His toss was actually the second time during Oct. 2010 that someone tossed waffles onto the ice at a Leafs game.

His actions too were met with distaste from players, coaches and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Officials. Ron Wilson, the Leafs’ coach at the time, called the move “dumb” and Clarke MacArthur called the man an “idiot,” according to CBC.


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