Montreal city council approves skateboard motion

Skateboarding activist Dave "Boots" Bouthillier in front of Montreal city hall. David Sedell/Global News

MONTREAL — Montreal city councillors passed a motion Tuesday that would make it easier for skateboards to share the road.

Council voted unanimously to ask the province to change the road safety code to include all forms of active transit.

It’s currently illegal for skateboarders to use the streets. Those who break the law face fines of $30 to $60 for each infraction.

Watch: Professional skateboarder David Bouthillier on why skateboarding should be legal in Montreal

Pierrefonds-Roxboro city councillor Justine McIntyre championed the motion.

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“It’s a baby step,” McIntyre told Global News. “In other words, nobody should be jumping on their board right away.”

The process still has a long way to go.

City councillors will present a brief at parliamentary hearings on the road safety code in January 2015.

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