The difference between all-season and all-weather tires

WINNIPEG — All-weather and all-season tires may sound like the same thing, but it’s important to know the difference.

“The dominant tire for drivers is the all-season tire,” said Bill Gardiner at Kal Tire in Winnipeg. “That’s just not safe. Obviously in winter you need a good tire that has good handle on snow and slush.”

It’s a small difference in price but a big difference on the roads, according to Kal Tire. The entry level all-season tires start at $118 per tire at Kal Tire. The entry level all-weather tires price is $126 per tire.

“The all-weather tire has a tread compound,” said Gardiner. “The tread rubber is optimized for conditions above 7 degrees, below 7 degrees.”

Manitoba Public Insurance said it’s better to winterize your vehicle sooner rather than later.

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“That just makes sure you’re having a safe trip — you’re not breaking down in the middle of nowhere,” said Brian Smiley of MPI. “You want to make sure your vehicle is fully prepared for winter.”

A trustworthy battery, antifreeze and good oil are a few other elements your vehicle should be equipped with for the winter months.