A Calgary success story – Craft Beer Market is expanding to China

Craft Beer Market has been a huge success locally, serving up quality beer and eats here in Calgary.

And now it’s about to take it’s successful brand to China.

“My self and partners are very excited about this. Nervous? absolutely we’re going to be nervous about it” says co-owner Rod Swiderski.

Despite the upheaval in Hong Kong, the partners say they are not afraid of doing business in Shanghai, where the first of five new restaurants will be located.

They believe Shanghai, with a population of 24 million, will be more-than-receptive to their brand of suds and food.

“They seek unique popular Canadian brands and their goal is to bring them over to China.”

But the move, will be challenging, says Craft Beer Market chef Paul McGreevy.

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“One of the biggest ones I think of is supporting local there, maintaining the uniqueness of brand and our food program. But at the same time show-casing Canadian quality of ingredients and products.

Customers, here in Calgary, say the people of Shanghai are in for a treat.

“The food is great, the choices on tap.. it’s hard to find that selection anywhere” says one patron.

The first restaurant is expected to open within a year.