WATCH: Bill Nye the Science Guy predicts end of creationism is nigh

TORONTO — Creationists — people who reject evolution — are going to die out within the next two decades, Bill Nye predicted on Wednesday.

“In another 20 years, those guys will be just about out of business,” Nye said during an appearance on Global’s The Morning Show.

Best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, the 58-year-old educator, TV personality and author lamented the lingering myth that the universe is a product of divine creation.

“In the United States there’s been a movement to put creationism in schools — this sort of pseudoscience thing — instead of the fact of life,” said Nye. “People fight this fight in court constantly, and it wouldn’t matter except we need people to solve the world’s problems.”

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Nye conceded it’s impossible to know the unknowable. “But evolution is pretty knowable,” he added. “Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science.”

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Nye, said people need to study and embrace science to slow climate change and fix all sorts of everyday problems.

“How do you straighten the traffic [gridlock] out? There’s organization,” he said. “You make a plan. How do you do that? Science!”

Last year, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins appeared on The Morning Show to share his thoughts on the importance of science and reason — instead of faith — in the modern world.

“If something is comforting, that’s great, but it doesn’t make it true,” Dawkins said. “There are people who sincerely seem to think that because something is consoling or comforting that therefore it’s got to be true. That just isn’t logical.”

Dawkins quoted Canadian experimental psychologist Steven Pinker. “[He] said, ‘If you’re being chased by a tiger, it may comfort you to believe it’s a rabbit. But it is a tiger and it’s going to eat you.’”

In the same interview, famed theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss expressed hope for the future because religion is on the decline.

“More and more people are coming to realize that they can think for themselves,” said Krauss. “It’s amazing to discover that you’re wrong. In fact, it’s liberating. It’s not a threat. It opens your mind.”


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