14 voters in New Brunswick election cast ballots in wrong ridings

Brion Robinson / Global News

FREDERICTON – Elections New Brunswick says 14 people voted in the wrong ridings in last week’s provincial election, 11 of whom where allowed to later cast ballots in the correct ridings.

A spokesman for the elections agency says the mistakes were the result of confusion over new riding boundaries.

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Paul Harpelle says in one case, a first-time voter who lives in the riding of Fredericton York cast her ballot in the neighbouring riding of Fredericton-Grand Lake after polling staff didn’t check her address.

Kris Austin, the leader of the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick, lost in Fredericton-Grand Lake by 26 votes and has been granted a judicial recount set for Friday.

Harpelle also says five people in the Saint John area and another eight in the Moncton area were given incorrect voter information cards directing them to the wrong ridings during advance polls.

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He says Elections New Brunswick is confident that there are no other people who voted in the wrong ridings.

The number of ridings in the election was reduced to 49 from 55, resulting in new boundaries that in some cases divided streets in half.

The Progressive Conservatives have also applied to the Court of Queen’s Bench for judicial recounts in six ridings.

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