PC leadership polling station volunteer was allegedly asked to bend the rules

WATCH ABOVE: A polling station volunteer is raising even more alarm bells about the problems that plagued the PC leadership’s electronic voting system. Tom Vernon explains.

EDMONTON – A polling station volunteer says she was told to bend the rules for an Edmonton MLA during Saturday’s leadership vote.

When Nejolla Korris first signed up to help PC vote electronically on Saturday, the rules were made very clear to her: you could only give a PIN to the PC member it belonged to. These PINs were needed to cast a vote.

“Sometimes we’d have people call into the polling station and say, ‘Well, could I get my husband’s PIN as well?’ We had to decline them but ask that their husbands call in, and we could help them then.”

But at one point, Korris says she was handed a stack of PINs and told “that an exception had been made” for one particular individual, whom she was asked to call and give the numbers to.

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The phone number she called traces back to Edmonton-Mill Woods MLA Sohail Quadri.

“Once I had given them the list he said, ‘Well, hold on, I have a couple more. Well, the couple more turned into about seven of them,” she said. “And I asked him to hold as we processed the numbers, and while I was holding on the phone with him he was yelling to somebody to…get him the list, ‘bring me more names, hurry up.'”

Korris says she told the caller that she couldn’t help him with the additional names. She claims she gave him more than 20 PINs.

Global News reached out to Quadri’s office today for comment, as well as members of the PC Party Executive, however we have yet to receive a response.

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You can read more about the voting issues Korris says she noticed on her blog.

With files from Tom Vernon, Global News

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