Quebec’s English school boards try to get the vote out

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MONTREAL — School board elections are coming in November. Are you on the right voting list?

English school boards in Quebec are trying to get the word out that residents may not be eligible to vote in the upcoming board elections on November 2.

To get on the list to vote, Quebecers may have to do a little homework.

Many are automatically linked to the French school board in their neighbourhood, unless they specifically ask to be moved to the English list to vote.

“After the 2007 elections, if you don’t have children in school any more or if you haven’t voted before, you’re automatically put on the French list,” explained Quebec English School Board executive director Marcus Tabachnik.

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“It’s the law in Quebec. It’s not right, but it’s the law.”

To get on the list, voters must call the director general of elections.

The next step is to ask for, fill out and return a form that can be obtained from your local English school board.

Residents must be 18 years old and over to be eligible to vote.