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5 revelations from rocker Courtney Love

Courtney Love, pictured Aug. 2, 2014.

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TORONTO — Rocker Courtney Love, who was married to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain when he died in 1994, has admitted she lost about $27 million in “Nirvana money.”

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the 50-year-old singer said she’s not bothered by the financial blow.

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“I know that’s a lifetime of money to most people, but I’m a big girl, it’s rock ‘n’ roll,” she said. “It’s Nirvana money. I had to let it go. I make enough to live on. I focus on what I make now.”

Love also said she got control of her finances thanks to cocaine.

“I had to run very fast to look after my money and I felt cocaine helped me do that,” she said. “So I started taking cocaine and that turned into nine months of crack.”

Here are five more fascinating statements and revelations Love made in the Sunday Times interview:

She plans to have plastic surgery

“When my looks are shot — which I reckon will be in about six years — I’ll have plastic surgery here on my chin, and they can pull my cheeks back,” said Love. “But I’m not ready for that. And because of the smoking, the mouth is starting to give.”

She — not her daughter — controls the Nirvana music catalogue

Love dismissed as “absolute nonsense” reports that 21-year-old Frances (her daughter with Cobain) controls the catalogue. “When she’s 40, she becomes a member of the board and she has a vote, but not now.” Love also said she has turned down a lot of requests to use Nirvana songs. “I’ve protected it from everything from KFC commercials to movies about board games,” she said. “We’ve been offered $6 million for 18 seconds of one Nirvana song.”

She went along with a three-day stint at a psychiatric facility because she wanted to smoke.

“I wanted a cigarette so bad I just kept saying, ‘Yes sir, no sir,’ so they had to let me out,” recalled Love. “My friend was waiting for me with an ambulance and a carton of cigarettes. Oh, that first hit was so wonderful!”

Using Adderall gets her in trouble; having a martini calms her down

“It’s a very potent speed drug. It makes me crazy,” Love said. “It makes me write long, unintelligible emails and get on Twitter and say something nasty and then I get sued.” The singer also admitted she enjoys an espresso martini because it’s “a very good mood stabilizer.”

Prince Andrew showed up at her house

“He rang the bell, but my nanny wouldn’t get up because she’s anti-monarchy,” Love claimed, “so I had to go down in my slippers and bathrobe.” She said she ended up inviting the Prince in for tea. “I had all these Jubilee mugs with pictures of the Queen so I made him a really good pot of tea and I hand him a mug with his mom on it, and he saw the joke,” Love said. “He asked, ‘What do you do all day?’ which I thought was just nerdy. I said, ‘What do you do all day, Prince?'”


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