August 8, 2014 4:11 pm

WATCH: Two friends, two high-speed chases, same day, caught on camera


Two friends gave police an unwanted two-for-one discount when they led the cops in two separate high-speed chases in a matter of hours.

It started on a rainy morning this past May in Cowlitz County, Washington, when a deputy attempts to stop a man after he runs a red light.

That man, Dale Woodley, takes off with what police would later learn are stolen tools in the back of his truck.

With speeds reaching in excess of 160 kilometers an hour and conditions still wet and rainy, Woodley spins out, and eventually tries to lose the cops on foot.

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But he’s spotted by a local resident, and Woodley is apprehended in the nearby Highlands neighborhood.

Having just led police on a dangerous high-speed pursuit, Woodley decides now is the time to start cooperating, and promptly divulges the information that he’s working for his friend, Max.

“I call him Max,” he can be heard saying in the dash-cam footage.

Cut to two hours later. Police follow up on the tip and now the friend in question, Max Fiest, decides to take off as well.

No surprise why – Fiest was wanted for ID theft and possession of heroin.

He also clearly doesn’t want to face the music for his charges, leading police on an even more dangerous chase than his friend Dale had just a short time earlier.

Since this story already features a futile car chase and a suspect immediately “flipping” on a friend, Fiest decides to complete the “dumb criminal trifecta” by throwing a suspicious black bag out his window during the chase.

Yeah, cause there’s no way the cops will ever stop to see what you just dumped. Well played, sir.

Police pursue him for over 25 miles, at speeds in excess of 192 kph, until Fiest begins to run out of options.

He leads police onto a dirt road, then onto the grass, before being forced to abandon his car and attempting to swim down a creek to freedom.

It doesn’t work, and a short time later police have their soaking wet suspect in handcuffs.

Today, both Woodley and Fiest are serving eight-year prison terms.

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