How eBay security breach might affect other online users

WATCH: eBay is urging all of its 145 million active users to change their passwords. But as Global’s Tony Tighe tells reports, it comes too late for some.

CALGARY- It turns out an eBay security breach might also affect people who use the popular buy and sell website Kijiji.

On Wednesday, eBay urged its users to change their account passwords, after a cyber attack compromised its database. While they said there was no evidence that financial or credit card information was stolen, a Calgary woman says that’s not the case.

Kara Maucieri uses eBay, and says that on May 7 her account was hacked and over $3,000 drained from her bank account through PayPal.

PayPal said it was the result of an eBay transaction where her password was used.

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“They said all the security questions were answered correctly, and that it came from Canada, so it did look like I did the transaction myself, which I didn’t,” she explains. “When I saw it on the news this morning, I thought ‘they’re both linked.’”

WATCH: The online auction site eBay says hackers broke into their database and stole encrypted information. Robin Gill reports on what the hackers go access to and how it could affect you.

Maucieri has since changed her password and her bank returned the money, but experts warn that the problem may not be isolated, as eBay also owns Kijiji.

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“What [hackers] will do is they’ll troll different accounts,” explains eBay trader Darrell Domes. “If you have a Kijiji account, Craigslist account, eBay account using the same password on all three, they could access all three of those.”

He says thieves can use personal information to apply for credit cards and loans, and that users should monitor their accounts for unusual activity.

“Make sure that there is nothing that you can see that isn’t supposed to be there. If you note something that shouldn’t be there, call them immediately, close, or get the account changed because you’ve probably been compromised.”

Kijiji Canada maintains the cyberattack only affected eBay users and did not affect any classifieds user data globally, including those from Kijiji Canada. PayPal also maintains its account holders were not compromised. 

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