PHOTOS: Sarah McLachlan readies for Junos with Hawaiian vacation

Sarah McLachlan
Sarah McLachlan, pictured in 2011. Craig Barritt / Getty Images

TORONTO — Sarah McLachlan warmed up for Juno weekend in chilly Winnipeg with a Hawaiian getaway — and she shared some moments with fans.

The 46-year-old Canadian singer posted photos Monday on Instagram showing her paddle boarding in Waikiki and making “a not so graceful exit out of the water after surfing.”

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In another, she captures daughter Taja’s “first wave” on a surfboard as an instructor holds the six-year-old’s hand.

A few days earlier, McLachlan showed off her abs in a pic she posted from Oahu.

McLachlan must have felt right at home in the ocean. Born on Canada’s East Coast, she has lived for many years on the West Coast.

The singer is leaving behind temperatures in the mid-20s to fly to single-digits Winnipeg for the Juno Awards, where she is set to perform “Beautiful Girl” from her upcoming album Shine On and to talk about the music education charity MusiCounts.