HD Homme dresses men in velvet and sequins

Hussein Dhalla, the designer behind menswear line HD Homme, was a finalist at the fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Start Up competition and returns this season to present his fall 2014 line.

The men walked down the runway in silk, wool, cashmere, satin and sequins. The collection featured white shirts with leather hems, collars trimmed with sequins and lots of shine.

Dhalla wanted to push the envelope of traditional menswear for the evening and was inspired by the red carpet.

“You see a lot of men wearing black or the midnight blue,” Dhalla said after his show. “I think it’s time for men to step it up and have a few more colours and have fun with it.”

That notch included a sequin stripe down the front of a dress shirt, replacing the tie or a red, sapphire blue or emerald velvet jacket. There were also hints of the 60s and 70s seen in the size of the lapels and the narrowness of the cut of the trouser.

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Dhalla says life has changed ever since participating in the Mercedes Benz Start Up Collection.

“They say fashion is fast forward. It hasn’t even been a year and I’m having my own solo show.”

He recommends the show and says that he wouldn’t be at the tents without it.

“It’s been phenomenal.”

WATCH: Hussein Dhalla talks about his Fall 2014 show