Mikhael Kale’s study in style contrasts earns kudos

TORONTO – The fusion of edgy embellishments with lush, feminine fashions won raves for Mikhael Kale as the Toronto-based designer’s fall-winter collection kicked off the latest edition of World MasterCard Fashion Week.

“I absolutely loved the Mikhael Kale show. It was fantastic,” said Susan Langdon, executive director of the Toronto Fashion Incubator following the presentation on Monday.

“I loved the mix of the hard-studded leather juxtaposed with the sheer organza ruffles…it was just stunning. It had a very couture feel to it.”

Kale's study in style contrasts earns kudos
A model shows a creation from Mikhael Kale while walking the runway during Toronto Fashion Week in Toronto on Monday March 17, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Fashion Television Channel host Jeanne Beker — who has worn custom creations by Kale — described the designer as a “progressive” and “a great talent.” The longtime style and media maven said a long grey coat “studded from head to toe” was among the standouts in the new line.

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“I love to see that fearlessness in terms of his fabrications,” said Beker in a post-show interview.

“Certainly, his texturing, there’s a great spirit of femininity to what he does yet a real heavy dose of hard edge that’s not offputting. It still manages to be wonderfully sexy and wearable in its own kinky way.”

Kale said the collection was loosely based or influenced by a napkin and napkin folding, evident in the rich, sculptural details and folded silks woven throughout the collection.

“I decided this season to go a lot lighter, playing with organza which is something I really haven’t played with before. I mean, I’ve used it, but not really experimented with it,” he said backstage following the show. “So we decided to just cut it in bias strips and create all of these ornate and intricate patterns.”

The rich green and pink prints that punctuated the collection were made by Kale along with a group of people and printed in New York, the designer said.

While the more amply adorned garments stood apart in the line, Kale also took a more pared down approach with his sleek knitted separates.