Killer of Princeton area woman handed life prison term

Roger Dale Badour pled guilty in 2014 to the second-degree murder of Giselle Duckham in 2011 near Princeton, B.C. Submitted

A long term sex offender who murdered his landlady in a shooting on a rural property near Princeton has been sentenced to life in prison.

In November 2011, Gisele Duckham, 56, was shot twice in the head.

Roger Badour had a history of befriending vulnerable women and Duckham had allowed him to stay in a travel trailer on her property.

Badour was on the run after failing to return to his halfway house in Victoria.

Badour said he killed Duckham because she threatened to turn him in.

“Before I knew it I had the rifle already fired. I realized she was still moving so I shot her again,” Badour admitted in court.

Badour, 65, pleaded guilty to second degree murder and will not be eligible for parole for ten years.


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