Artist depicts Disney princesses with physical disabilities

Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo has re-imagined Disney princesses as people living with disabilities in his latest online series. Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic blog

TORONTO – Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo has re-imagined Disney princesses as people living with physical disabilities in his latest online series in hopes of creating social awareness around the issue of disability.

Palombo, 40, said he doesn’t think persons with disabilities “match Disney’s standards of beauty” and said his message is very simple: disabled people have rights and are part of the world.

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“Disability is part of our world but unfortunately too many people think that it is something ugly that you have to hide,” he told Global News.

Palombo said that while the Disney princesses have long been held as a “blueprint ” that some young girls look up to, he wonders if the films would be as popular if the characters were people living with physical disabilities.

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The Milan resident said that some parts of his own body are now paralyzed after he had surgery to remove a rare form of cancer two years ago.

“I am now a disabled person, and every day I have to deal with all forms of discrimination and humiliation,” he said.

Featured on his blog Humor Chic, the illustrations depict some of Disney princesses with a loss of a limb and using a wheelchair or other equipment for assistance with mobility.

View examples of Alexsandro Palombo’s series “Disabled Disney Princesses” below:

Belle – Beauty and the Beast:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic).
Ariel – The Little Mermaid:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic).
Snow White:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic).
Tiana – The Princess and the Frog:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic).
Pocahontas:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic).
Mulan:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic).
Jasmine – Aladdin:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic).
Cinderella:(Credit: Alexsandro Palombo/Humor Chic)Editor’s note: Global News received permission to re-purpose the above illustrations for online use. .

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