Charity offering free moving, storage for abuse survivors coming to Winnipeg

A national charity that provides free moving and storage for abuse survivors is coming to Winnipeg.

The charity is called Shelter Movers and Winnipeg will be the 10th city in the country where the organization will operate.

Founder and CEO of Shelter Movers Marc Hull-Jacquin says it’s all about finding hands to help for those who have the courage to leave.

“When someone is experiencing violence in the home, they often leave with the clothes on their back,” said Hull-Jacquin. “They can’t go back because it’s just too dangerous and if we can help gather their belongings and leave in safety and dignity, maybe we can help set them on a new trajectory for their family.”

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He says the organization will start recruiting volunteers this summer with the goal of being able to move families by November or December. The organization is actively recruiting a director for the Winnipeg chapter who will build the team.

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Hull-Jacquin admits there is a degree of risk to what they do and they make sure to complete an extensive review of the situation before they go in.

“If there’s a chance the abuser might be there, even a faint chance, we will bring police or we will bring in our own private security to make sure the space is safe and we can gather the belongings the survivor needs.”

Shelter Movers also offers pet fostering services and has the ability to bring in an interpreter if the survivor needs.

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