300-yard section of Mexican highway suddenly sinks 100 feet near U.S. border

ABOVE: Officials survey damage from 300-yeard section of highway that collapsed

MEXICO CITY – Mexico says a 300-yard section of a highway near the U.S. border has collapsed, sinking about 100 feet (30 metres) after a series of small earthquakes.

Mexico’s federal highway authority says the collapse occurred about 58 miles (93 kilometres) south of the border city of Tijuana. The road leads to the port city of Ensenada, on the Baja California peninsula.

The agency said Saturday the road was closed in the early morning hours, after the collapse was detected.

The agency said the collapse was caused by seven small earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 1.3 to 4.3. It said the roadway runs over a known geological fault in the area, and that it had been raining heavily. No injuries were reported.

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Traffic was being diverted onto a smaller, non-toll highway.