Small Sask. business victim of theft, $500K in electric bikes allegedly stolen

A Saskatoon small business owner of Biktrix is a recent victim of theft that costed the company $500,000 in losses. Global Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Biktrix became the latest victim of theft as their warehouse in Delta, BC, was allegedly targeted. The CEO and founder of Biktrix Electric Bikes said a container filled with their latest electric bikes was stolen.

On March 19, a semi-tractor entered an insecure warehouse lot where two suspects exited the truck, connected the trailer and drove away within minutes.

“In the shipping container was 150 Biktrix electric bicycles with a declared value of $500,000,” stated the Delta Police in a statement. “The theft was captured on CCTV from the warehouse facility.”

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Roshan Thomas said this theft presents a significant financial loss for his business.

“$500,000 is a lot of money. For (my) company, you’ll see we’re frugal,” said Thomas. “We don’t we don’t have a lot of money in the bank. So whatever money we have, we get new products, and then we sell them at a profit.”

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Biktrix recently launched its brand-new electric bike model for pre-sale. Each bike cost about $5,500. This loss will likely affect the business’s sales of $3-4 million by the end of the year, Thomas said.

“I don’t even know yet if I’m going to get insurance coverage because (there) hasn’t been a clear-cut answer,” he said. “Small businesses like ours don’t want over-inventory stuff or ordering as close as possible to what we can sell and then running a frugal and tight ship. When we get robbed like this, (and) if this happens like three or four times, this could bankrupt a business.”

Thomas hopes by speaking out, he can find someone who can help him locate the stolen e-bikes. He added that stricter enforcement against theft is needed in hopes of preventing other small businesses from ending up in his situation.

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