New mobile command post for Regina and area unveiled by 3 partnered agencies

Three partnered agencies unveil a new mobile command post which is a crucial piece of equipment for responding to large and complex incidents and events. Global Regina

A newly formed partnership has unveiled a new emergency vehicle that will enhance multi-agency response to crisis.

A collaboration of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA) along with the Regina Police Service (RPS) and the Regina Fire and Protective Services (RFPS) announced a new mobile command post (MCP) which is stationed in Regina.

RFPS Fire Chief Layne Jackson said this MCP is a crucial piece of equipment for responding to large and complex incidents and events.

“It provides a common space for responding agencies to meet, communicate and coordinate their action plans,” said Jackson. “This opportunity presented itself through a partnership. (RFPS, RPS and SPSA) were able to combine efforts and better utilize an existing piece of equipment.”

The RPS Deputy Chief Dean Rae describes the MCP as being equipped with all the innovative technology which allow all three agencies to meet the challenges of complex situations and to ensure they are able to look after the community and making it safe.

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“By having this, our agency collaboration and effectiveness will automatically be increased through the increased flow of information and the timeliness of that information between all the agencies,” said Rae.

“This will ensure (for) a fully informed and educated response having all available information at our fingertips. Ultimately, this will (create) increased public safety for our communities, which is always our ultimate goal.”

This makes SPSA’s second MCP in Saskatchewan as the first emergency vehicle is located in Prince Albert. The SPSA executive director Chris Clement said one of the key features of the newly unveiled MCP is the size, which is 300 square feet of space.

Inside the MCP, there are workspaces and laptops for staff and also an expandable weather station. The MCP can also hold private and virtual meetings where multiple agencies can collaborate on responding to crisis.

“We’re proud to unveil the second MCP that will support incidents and events not only in Regina, but in southern portions of the province as well,” said Clement. “This command post is a key resource for first responders and emergency management personnel. The command unit is 37ft long and features a wide array of technology and communication equipment that can be used for critical event.”

The MCP will be maintained at the Fire Station No. 1 in downtown Regina.

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