Saif Kaisar

Saif Kaisar
Provincial Affairs Reporter

Saif Kaisar joined Global News Edmonton in January 2023 as the provincial affairs reporter, covering all things Alberta and politics on TV, radio and online.

He moved to Edmonton in 2022 after stints in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

Saif has a passion for covering politics and has done so from Parliament Hill, The National Assembly, several city halls across Canada, and since 2019, the Alberta legislature.

Since graduating from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Saif has worked as a TV, radio and digital reporter and has also hosted several news, politics and sports talk radio shows.

Saif loves chasing a good story to get the answers that you care about, but when he isn’t doing that, he can be found enjoying a cigar while walking his dog Kia.

Have a news tip? Send it his way, after all, better Saif than sorry!


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