• Netflix beats subscriber targets, but revenue falls short of forecast
    Netflix said it will stop reporting subscriber additions each quarter starting with the first quarter of 2025 and instead will announce them only when major milestones are reached.
    Apr 18
  • ‘What Jennifer Did’: Netflix doc explores shocking Ont. murder-for-hire case
    Most of Jennifer Pan's entire life was made up of lies. When her parents began to catch on, she decided to bring in hired hitmen.
    Apr 10
  • The science and controversy behind Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’
    What is a three-body problem? Why are some in China angry at the Netflix series? Global News spoke to experts to find out what is fact and what is science fiction.
    Mar 29
  • Calgary film workers union wraps talks on 3-year deal with Netflix
    IATSE Local 213 president Damian Petti said the deal brings stability and optimism after a year that was marked by labour action.
    Mar 7
  • ‘The Program’: Netflix doc exposes horrors of the ‘troubled teen’ industry
    A group of survivors take on the troubled teen industry, sharing shocking stories from inside the facility that was supposed to 'reform' them.
    Mar 8
  • ‘Squid Game’ actor Oh Yeong-Su found guilty of sexual misconduct
    Oh Yeong-Su reached international fame for his portrayal of Oh Il-nam, also called Player 001, in the Netflix original 'Squid Game.'
    Mar 15
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  • Mike Tyson, Jake Paul to fight in live boxing event on Netflix
    The bout against Jake Paul will mark Mike Tyson's first fight since 2020.
    Mar 7
  • Calgary glass-blower turns up the heat on Netflix show
    A Calgary glass-blower is being featured on the Netflix's 'Blown Away.' Hayden Macrae will battle intense heat and nine other competitors in the pressure-cooker series.
    Mar 4
  • Film production in Brantford to include pyrotechnics and simulated gunfire
    Residents of Brantford are being warned that a large-scale film production with a variety of special effects will be taking place around the Wilfrid Laurier University campus.
    May 2
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  • Jerry Seinfeld says the ‘extreme left’ and ‘PC crap’ killed TV comedy
    Jerry Seinfeld said there are certain 'Seinfeld' jokes that he would not be able to write today because TV studios worry too much about offending their audiences.
    Apr 30
  • Peloton cuts 15% of its global workforce, CEO steps down
    Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy is stepping down, the company said on Thursday as it announced a 15 per cent cut to its global workforce due to a post-pandemic slump in demand.
    May 2
  • 20 years later: Montreal Expos’ final days subject of upcoming Netflix doc
    The Montreal Expos may be long gone, but the story of how the much-loved team left the city will be the focus of an upcoming documentary.
    Feb 21
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  • S&P/TSX composite closes up nearly 100 points, U.S. stock markets mixed
    Canada's main stock index closed up nearly 100 points Friday, helped by strength in energy and financial stocks, while U.S. markets were mixed.
    Apr 19
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech spurs student walkout at Duke University
    During Jerry Seinfeld's commencement speech at Duke University, a group of Pro-Palestinian student protesters staged a walkout to oppose his appearance.
    May 13
  • Ellen DeGeneres jokes she was ‘kicked out’ of showbiz for being ‘mean’
    Ellen DeGeneres is back doing stand-up comedy two years after 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' was brought to end amid toxic workplace allegations.
    Apr 26
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  • CRTC grants Canadian content spending relief for Corus, but says other asks must wait
    The broadcaster asked the regulator to 'urgently' make the changes last October, saying they would provide 'much needed flexibility"'amid programming and advertising uncertainty.
    May 14
  • Paul Sun-Hyung Lee talks Asian representation in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’
    Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who plays Uncle Iroh in the Netflix adaptation of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' says we're living in a 'golden age' of Asian representation in media.
    Feb 22
  • ‘Lover, Stalker, Killer’: Disturbing love triangle turned deadly hits Netflix
    The love triangle between Dave Kroupa, Cari Farver and Liz Golyar quickly turned to a real-life tale of escalating harassment, arson, attacks and murder.
    Feb 16
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  • U.S. law that could ban TikTok faces new lawsuit from content creators
    Attorneys for the creators argued in the lawsuit that the law violates users’ First Amendment rights to free speech, echoing arguments by TikTok in a separate lawsuit.
    May 14
  • B.C. government flags cryptocurrency company with 3rd unexplained wealth order
    In a statement, Mike Farnworth, B.C.'s Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General said the application has been filed against Quadriga Coin Exchange (QuadrigaCX.).
    Mar 27
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