August 2, 2014 3:25 pm
Updated: August 2, 2014 8:23 pm

Police investigate graffiti spree in south Calgary


Calgary Police are investigating a graffiti spree that damaged several homes in south Calgary.

The crime took place sometime overnight in the southeast communities of Midnapore and Sundance. Officers are also looking into another graffiti spree in Glenbrook.

Mike Dawson lives in Midnapore and woke up early Saturday morning with graffiti on his property.

“I wondered how many other houses got hit and saw there were others,” Dawson said.

His house was one of five sprayed with graffiti.

“I think just bored kids on a long weekend got nothing else to do with their time. Just trying to upset people,” Dawson said.

Police say one of the images is pornographic in nature.  Officers are still looking for the people or person responsible.

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