May 9, 2014 6:49 pm

Dr. Robert Thirsk named University of Calgary chancellor

CALGARY- The University of Calgary has brought a high-profile Canadian on board, to fill a prestigious post.

Former astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk has been named as the school’s 13th chancellor. He graduated from the U of C in 1976 with a mechanical engineering degree, and received an honorary doctorate while orbiting in space.

“He’s a wonderful Canadian icon with connections over the world,” says U of C president Elizabeth Cannon. “He’s energetic, passionate, and will be a wonderful chancellor.”

Thirsk admits he was hesitant about taking the job, but is up for the challenge.

“My main reason for saying yes is at this time in my life it’s important to give back, and make university a better place every year,” he says. “If you’re like me, you think of a chancellor at convocation handing out degrees. That’s how naïve I was, but it’s more than that.

“The chancellor is the bridge between university and community.”

Thirsk’s four year term will start on July 2.

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