May 1, 2014 5:59 pm

Man charged in bus driver beating denied bail on an unrelated charge

A man charged with a vicious and unprovoked attack on a Coast Mountain bus driver last month has been denied bail on an unrelated matter.

Bus drivers gathered outside Surrey provincial court for the bail hearing today as an opportunity to draw attention to their safety concerns.

Twenty-five-year-old Sean Quaye was riding the bus back in March when it’s alleged he punched a driver in the face.

The bus was still moving at the time of the assault, however the driver was able to bring the bus to a stop and open the doors, allowing the man to leave.

Translink says numerous witnesses praised the bus operator for his actions under such difficult circumstances and told investigators that he was more concerned for the safety and wellbeing of his passengers than for his own safety.

Aside from the broken nose, the driver suffered broken bones in his face, continuing vision impairment in one eye and loosened teeth.

Quaye has been charged with assault. He is well known to police.

With files from Amy Judd

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