April 1, 2014 7:11 pm

Dog loses eye after attack

LETHBRIDGE – It’s been an emotional few days for Irene Prepsl, her beloved Chihuahua dog Spice is in hospital after he was allegedly attacked by a large dog on the weekend.

A woman in her 20’s was walking two big dogs when they all crossed paths.

“The other dog got loose from the collar and before you knew it the dog had my dog’s head in his mouth and then I fell down,” says Prepsl.

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Spice was attacked along Stafford Drive North, right beside the Lethbridge Christian School. A passerby stopped and took the injured dog along with Prepsl and her sister to the Northside Vet Clinic.

“The dog came in on Saturday and had been attacked by another dog. We did x-rays and they showed that one of the bones around the eyes was actually fractured and there was damage to the cornea and the eye was perforated,” adds Dr. Dawn Abbott.

Irene and her sister Doreen are still in shock after the attack, now facing major vet bills for the 10-year-old pet, reality is setting in.

“When you close your eyes at night and you see that, now he’s got to suffer. He’s my companion, my husband is in an assisted living facility with late stage Alzheimer’s and so Spice keeps me company, I can’t let him die” adds Prepsl.

“She doesn’t have the money but we will manage some how to do it unless the lady wants to come forward,” adds Irene’s sister Darleen Malatsta.

And the bills will continue to grow. Even though the vet says Spice is lucky, unfortunately his eye can’t be saved.

“There’s some infection in there so we’re going to have to remove it.” Adds Dr. Abbott.

Dog trainer Amanda Labadie says attacks like this are preventable, if owners teach their pets to control instincts like their prey drive, “Sometimes a small barking dog or a fast moving dog can trigger that so it’s a very normal thing that all dogs have you just have to control that, so teaching impulse control, you know respect, manners and obedience.”

The two women are still healing themselves, with a few bumps and bruises, but for now all they can do is wait and see if spice will recover.

The Lethbrige Animal Shelter has confirmed they are investigating the incident and are looking for the woman who was seen walking with the large dogs.

Prepsl says one of the dogs was tan in color and the other was black and white.

If you have any information you can report it to the Lethbridge Animal Shelter at 403-320-4099.

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