Global National: March 25

A major Canada-U.S. border rule change came into effect at midnight on Saturday. But experts say it won’t deter all crossings and will be more dangerous for those who attempt the feat. Plus, increased tension with China was a key issue as U.S. President Joe Biden visited Ottawa this week. What the U.S. ambassador to Canada had to say about staying united against the growing threat from Beijing. Powerful storms kill at least 25 people in the southern U.S., as crews search for those believed to be trapped under the rubble. And after the federal government postponed the expansion of MAID, a B.C. man is speaking out. He says his father should not have been eligible to end his life. A First Nation community in B.C. becomes the first in the province to sign an agreement with the federal government on its own child welfare program. And finally, Zellers reopens in Canada. But will the nostalgic discount store have staying power?