Global National: Feb. 7

As the death toll keeps climbing, time is running out to rescue people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings in earthquake-ravaged Turkey and Syria. We'll look at the deepening despair and frustration among people, the fear Syrians will be forgotten, the influx of aid workers arriving to lend a helping hand in the earthquake zone, and how the international community's response is helping to restore faith in humanity. Could Canada provide more aid to Syria and Turkey? How Kerim Uras, Turkey's ambassador to Canada, couldn't hide the fact he expected more. It's being called a "true miracle": see the moment an entire family in Syria was pulled from the wreckage of their home. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is offering the provinces and territories $196 billion in health-care funding over 10 years. Why premiers are not thrilled about the proposal, and how the money would be allocated. Plus, the punishment for a former police officer in the United Kingdom who sexually assaulted a dozen women over 17 years. And the U.S. Navy has released new images of that suspected Chinese spy balloon that was shot down.