Global National: August 8

The RCMP lifts the lid on its once-secret spyware, which was capable of eavesdropping on your phone calls. What else the program could do, how often it was reportedly used, and the concerns from Canada's privacy watchdog. Hundreds of homes in Newfoundland and Labrador are facing evacuation alerts amid a historic wildfire emergency. The toll on the most vulnerable residents, and the help pouring in from outside the province. Plus, the dangers of extreme heat on your health, and how Canadians are being advised to better prepare for it. The U.S. Senate has passed a $369-billion bill to fund clean energy. Why this is a major victory for President Joe Biden. Qantas wants its top executives to do more heavy lifting -- literally. Why the Australian airline wants them to be baggage handlers for a little while. And a farewell to a beloved singer and actor Olivia Newton-John, who died at 73. Her legacy in the entertainment world, and beyond.