The New Reality
June 5 2021 7:00pm

The New Reality: June 5

We’ve relied on essential workers for manufacturing, transport, food deliveries, and so much more during the pandemic. But even when some of those workers feel sick, they can’t stay home as they fear losing income and perhaps their jobs. Some workers also don’t have access to adequate sick pay. As Krista Hessey reports on this week’s episode of The New Reality, many are asking why more hasn’t been done to keep workplaces –and workers — safe. And, we are starting to learn about the long-term damage COVID-19 wreaks on many vital organs, but what about our blood vessels? There are troubling signs that the impact on our vascular system may leave a lifelong legacy of health problems in its wake. Dawna Friesen speaks with Jake Pushie, a scientist at the University of Saskatchewan, who’s using the most powerful device in the country to look for answers.

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