The New Reality
May 8 2021 7:00pm

The New Reality: May 8

The detention and secretive trials of the two Michaels in China have made international headlines, but there are more than 100 Canadians being held there. On this episode of The New Reality, Jeff Semple speaks to the wife of Huseyin Celil, who was imprisoned more than 15 years ago after speaking out on behalf of the Uyghur Muslim minority and examines China’s use of so-called ‘hostage diplomacy’. And, death is never easy to talk about and, during the pandemic, it’s been especially difficult without the ability to gather with friends and family for comfort. Enter Tom Morton, who is a funeral celebrant. He helps mourners confront the loss of loved ones in a positive way, to celebrate life, rather than try to avoid death. Dawna Friesen talked to Tom from his home in the Shetland Islands.

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