• COMMENTARY: How do geese know when to fly south for winter?
    Have you seen any geese fly south for Winter? Here's how the geese know when it's time to go.
    Nov 21
  • Won’t be long before the snow is gone in London, Ont.
    London saw 3 cm of snow recorded at the city's airport by Monday morning, coupled with wind gusts up to 68 km/h.
    Nov 2
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  • 1st significant snowfall to arrive in northern New Brunswick Monday
    Between five and 10 centimetres of snow is expected.
    Oct 26
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  • Snowfall warnings issued for parts of southern Alberta
    Lethbridge is among the municipalities for which a warning was issued on Tuesday.
    Oct 20
  • One less fall chore: Keeping leaves on lawn acts as natural fertilizer, experts say
    Leave it be! There a few benefits of keeping leaves on your lawn through the winter.
    Oct 15
  • 980 CKNW: How to prepare your garden for winter
    Carson Arthur provides tips and tricks to help prepare your garden for winter
    Oct 9
  • Siloam Mission prepares for Thanksgiving amid pandemic
    Siloam Mission is making adjustments to their Thanksgiving dinner plans next weekend, in an effort to steer clear of large gatherings in the area.
    Oct 6
  • Cold weather on horizon: Annual winter tire change-over rush ramping up
    Tire shops say they’re starting to see a bump in business and that they expect it to increase as temperatures drop.
    Sep 30
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  • Sunshine could mean good news for fall colours in Peterborough area
    'The more sun you get in the fall, without a deep freeze or a heavy frost, the better the reds are going to be.'
    Sep 24
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  • 980 CKNW: Expect B.C. winter weather to match the spirit of 2020
    What weather can British Columbians expect this fall and winter?
    Sep 15