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Corus Quay
25 Dockside Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 0B5

On-Air: 416-870-6400 or (star) *640 on your cell
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Main Reception: 416-479-7000
Newsroom: 416-646-8640


Nathan Smith, Brand Director
Scott Guest, Assistant Brand Director


News Tips, Global News Radio 640 Toronto
Newsroom, 416-646-8640

Morning Show:

Mike Stafford, Weekdays 5:30am-9am
Supriya Dwivedi, Weekdays 5:30am-9am
Jeff McArthur


Matt Gurney, Weekdays 9am-12pm
Tasha Kheiriddin, Weekdays 12pm-2pm
Kelly Cutrara, Weekdays 2pm-4pm
John Oakley, Weekdays 4pm-7pm
Alex Pierson, Weekdays 7pm-10pm

Overnights & Weekends:

Roy Green , The Roy Green Show


Carl Rosart, Local Sales Manager
General Sales Inquiries

Promotions & New Media:

Maggie Tulecka, Promotions
Kerri Breen, Digital Content Coordinator


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