Kelly Cutrara
Radio Host

Kelly Cutrara has been a regular in Canadian broadcasting for the past two decades. Working from almost one end of the country to the other (as well as a stint across the pond in Dublin Ireland) Cutrara earned her chops in various forms of radio – from public to private, music to talk, and satellite to podcasting.

Her unique and quirky take on current events is largely informed by a background in comedy and growing up in an Irish, Italian household. Kelly gets a charge out of discussing and debating topics of the day and making things relatable through conversations with guests of all stripes. Yes, she is the woman who talks to people in line at the grocery store.

Cutrara is a Toronto native with a passion for the arts, who oil paints in her spare time when her head in not buried in the latest news and pop culture story online. Kelly is passionate about traveling and although she rolls her eyes at the word “foodie,” probably is one. Oh, and like the Queen Mum, feels a well made Gin & Tonic a thing of beauty.

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