Why ‘barring a miracle’ Carey Price will not be making a NHL comeback

Canadiens star goalie Carey Price was back in Montreal, confirming what many already suspected: the knee injury that sidelined him last season will likely keep him out of playing in the NHL forever.

With the new season just weeks away, Price is adapting to a different way of life.

The 36-year-old is spending a lot more time in nature and off the ice, even if he feels a lot better following his knee injury.

“I come here towards the start of training camp and I feel like I could still go out there and wreak havoc,” Price said.

But his knee is still bothering him, causing swelling for weeks if he does strenuous physical activity.

So he will likely stay off the ice.

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“Barring a miracle,” Price said.

Price is expected to attend training camp for the Canadiens as he still has three seasons remaining on his multi-million-dollar contract.

But there won’t be much playing involved. He’s essentially seeing doctors.

The legendary goalie signed an eight-year deal worth $84 million with the Habs in 2017.

Not being able to perform means a huge financial burden for the team and Price is not discounting a potential trade to relieve pressure on the team’s salary cap.

“Whatever the team has to do, if they have to move money to make this team better, I’m here to help in any way I can,” Price said, adding he will always be a proud Montreal Canadiens.

Life off the ice means Price is taking on new roles, such as ambassador for CFMOTO, a company that makes recreational sports vehicles in Quebec.

Price co-designed a limited Carey Price edition of its UFORCE 600 side-by-side utility vehicle, featuring the player’s number 31 and his autograph.

When asked what he would do with the vehicle, Price — who moved out of Montreal this summer and now lives in Kelowna, B.C., on an acreage — responded, “fun stuff,” as he laughed in his coy manner.

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On a more serious note, Price says in the future, he sees himself working for the bleu blanc rouge.

He’s already mentoring the younger generation.

“I enjoy talking to young players,” he said. “No matter how little I start to have in common with them.”

Price is planning to attend the season opener in October.

“I’m going to be a Montreal Canadiens superfan now,” he said.

The superfan says he will also dedicate himself to being a family man.

He wants to see his three children grow up.

“Now I have three little coaches telling me what to do,” Price said.


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