‘I can’t believe it’: Curious B.C. bear steals golf bag from bewildered golfer

Click to play video: 'Bear steals bag with golf clubs from Coquitlam golfer'
Bear steals bag with golf clubs from Coquitlam golfer
WATCH: A golfer at Westwood Plateau had a big surprise recently. Jerome Gignac was playing a round of golf with his friend when a curious bear came out of the woods and took off with his brand new golf bag - with the clubs still inside. – Aug 1, 2023

A run-in with a bear on a golf course in B.C. is not that uncommon, but one golfer recently had a unique experience.

Jerome Gignac was playing a round of golf at Westwood Plateau when a bear decided to claim ownership of his bag.

Despite the fact that Gignac tried to scream at the bear and scare it off, it simply dragged it into a nearby ravine and disappeared with it.

“I can’t believe it,” he can be heard saying in the video.

“It came out of the woods, came to our carts, searched through our bags. There was no food in any of the golf bags, but for some reason, it picked my bag to pull off the cart,” he told Global News.

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Click to play video: 'Grizzly bear hangs out in Kitimat B.C. backyard'
Grizzly bear hangs out in Kitimat B.C. backyard

“It’s not unusual to see bears up here. I had one walk across a green one time when I was putting and completely ignore us. My friend Peter and I were playing and the bear just walked right in front of us, across the green,” Gignac added.

“But I’ve never seen a bear do something like that.”

Gignac said he realizes he looks a little crazy chasing after the bear but in the heat of the moment all he could think about was saving his clubs and that it was a brand new bag.

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