New multi-use path expands Winnipeg’s pedestrian and cycling network

A new multi-use path in Winnipeg opened on Thursday and it aims to expand the city's pedestrian and cycling network. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

A new multi-use path in Winnipeg opened on Thursday and it aims to expand the city’s pedestrian and cycling network, announced Mayor Scott Gillingham along with city councillors.

“This project represents a significant step forward in our commitment to active transportation investments and eliminating gaps in Winnipeg’s sidewalk and cycling networks,” Gillingham said.

“The expansion of this multi-use pathway will improve transportation options for residents in the northwest area of the city as we continue to work towards a more sustainable and connected Winnipeg.”

The project included the construction of a pedestrian and cycling pathway aimed to accommodate multiple user groups such as commuters, and residents.

Providing a safe and accessible transportation experience from Leila Avenue to Church Avenue, closing a vital network gap identified in the city’s pedestrian and cycling strategies.

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“This multi-use path is a great way for Winnipeggers to stay active and be outdoors in their city,” said Municipal Relations Minister Andrew Smith. “Our government knows how important it is for communities to stay connected, and we are happy to partner with the City of Winnipeg on this project.”

“We are so happy our right-of-way could be used to serve our community like this,” said Colleen Galbraith, Manitoba Hydro’s customer energy services department manager.

The second phase of the project is currently slated for the 2024 construction season, with the next section of the pathway yet to be determined based on the available budget.

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