Air Canada customer promised refund after double charge for airline tickets

Click to play video: 'Update on Air Canada passengers charged twice for trip'
Update on Air Canada passengers charged twice for trip
Cristhel Fernandez was charged twice for the same round trip flight when she tried to modify her booking. Unsatisfied with Air Canada's attempt to fix the error, she reached out to Global's Consumer Matters for assistance. Reporter Anne Drewa has an update – Jun 29, 2023

An Air Canada customer who says she was charged twice for a round trip to the Philippines says the airline has now promised to refund her over $5,000.

“(Air Canada) confirming within two to four business days they are going to be sending me back the money,” Cristhel Fernandez told Consumer Matters.

Back in May, the Surrey resident booked two round-trip flights to the Philippines for her and her husband. Fernandez was also planning on traveling with the couple’s dog. The flights were scheduled for December departing Vancouver via Seoul, Korea to the Philippines and returning to Vancouver via Hong Kong.

Once those tickets were booked at a cost of over $5,000, Fernandez says she followed protocol and contacted Air Canada to make arrangements for her dog to fly in the cabin.

However, Fernandez says she was told her dog couldn’t fly in the cabin on the return connecting flight.

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Fernandez says an Air Canada agent instructed her to go back to her online booking and make the modification to the returning portion of her trip. However, the next day Fernandez says she made a shocking discovery.

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Air Canada charged us double,” she said.

Click to play video: 'Consumer Matters: Air Canada customer charged twice for tickets'
Consumer Matters: Air Canada customer charged twice for tickets

The couple owed over $10,000 to the airline.

Fernandez says she called Air Canada immediately for an explanation, but says the airline’s solution was to give her a $10,000 voucher.

After Consumer Matters shared Fernandez’s story, she says an Air Canada representative contacted her. “I can’t imagine how long this would take if I didn’t reach out to Consumer Matters,” said Fernandez.

In an email to Consumer Matters, Air Canada stated: “Our review found that during her efforts to change her flight to another fare class on another day, the customer in fact incurred an additional charge, which was the fare difference between her old and new booking. It was not a double charge.

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“Our efforts to assist with this were further complicated and delayed by the fact the customer subsequently disputed the additional charge with her bank, which resulted in her ticket being cancelled altogether. We are pleased to have now resolved this matter to the customer’s satisfaction.”

However, Fernandez says that’s not the explanation she received from the Air Canada customer care representative.

She says she was told she didn’t do anything incorrectly.

“There’s nothing wrong from your end. It was the system and he was saying that it’s because it’s a connecting flight and there could be a problem with the other airlines,” said Fernandez. “It’s like they are trying to save their face. This is not how you appease the customer.”

Consumer Matters has since learned Fernandez should be receiving an e-transfer in the amount of $5,661.12 no later than July 5.

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