WATCH: Jon Stewart lambastes Mayor Rob Ford over Kuwait comments, council chaos

WATCH: The Daily Show looks into who’s still supporting Mayor Rob Ford

TORONTO – The Rob Ford saga continues to get laughs on TV’s late night shows.

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart kicked off his show Tuesday night with the segment, “The crack smoking mayor of Toronto has just done it again.”

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Stewart showed clips of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford miming driving drunk and knocking over Councillor Pam McConnell during Monday’s council debate that stripped the mayor of most of his powers.

Stewart also poked fun at Ford’s comparison of council’s decision to strip his mayoral powers to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and a declaration of war.

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“The reference may be dated,” said Stewart. “But in Rob Ford’s defence, it may be one of the last things he remembers.”

The entire segment lasted over eight minutes and included interviews with Torontonians about why they voted for Ford.

WATCH: Rob Ford continues to get laughs on late night TV shows

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel said “men like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford don’t come around very often and when they do, it’s important we immortalize them for future generations to enjoy,” before musician Chris Daughtry paid tribute to the mayor with a ballad.

On the Late Show, David Letterman also poked fun at Ford with a TV show parody, The Rob Ford Files.

Jimmy Fallon, host of Late Night, weighed the good and the bad of serving as a mayor with a crack addiction, which included entries like “Pro: earning the title ‘his honor,’ ” and “Con: Preferring ‘Your Highness.’ ”

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, former U.S. President George W. Bush spoke of the importance of staying healthy and active. When asked by Leno if he had any advice for Ford, Bush simply said “get an annual physical.”

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