Ministry of Children and Family Development react to scathing report

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond made it clear in a scathing report earlier this week that the Ministry of Children and Family Development is failing Aboriginal children.

She claims that the Ministry wasted 66 million dollars over the last 12 years on meetings and talks, with very little of the cash going to the children in need. 

Stephanie Cadieux, the Minister of Children and Family Development, reacted to the report with Jill Krop on Unfiltered, saying she was concerned by some of Turpel-Lafond’s findings. 

She said ” I and the Ministry do agree in principle with the findings in her report and certainly agree with the recommendations as well.”  

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Turpel-Lafond slammed certain Aboriginal agencies funded by the province in her report , claiming that there was limited oversight on where the money was going. 

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Despite those findings, Cadieux has not lost faith in the Aboriginal agencies that she worked with.  

She also defended her staff, saying that they are talented and capable. 

In terms of making improvements, the minister admitted that contracts need clear guidelines. 

“Many of these contracts were issued without what I would consider enough clarity in terms of what the outcomes expected were and how that reporting was going to happen. So, moving forward any contracts will have clear reporting outcomes and guidelines that will be followed” said Cadieux. 

Turpel-Lafond made five recommendations for change in her report.  

The minister said she will be ” working with Mary Ellen very closely in moving forward on the recommendations and the intent of the recommendations as we move forward. ” 

To read the full report, click here. 

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