Middlesex OPP advise public caution following coyote sightings in residential areas

Coyote mating season has begun - which means residents in Ontario are being warned that they may see the animals more often during the day. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Richard Buchan

Middlesex OPP are giving out safety tips after receiving increased calls regarding coyote sightings.

Earlier this week, police received a call from a resident who reported seeing three coyotes at the Coldstream library in Middlesex Centre.

Police say the investigation into this sighting is ongoing.

Coyotes can be found anywhere in Ontario, in both rural as well as urban locations.

Several cities in Ontario have been urging individuals to report coyote dens near residential areas and remain wary of the animals as mating season for the canines is underway.

“If you see a coyote, keep your distance and appreciate it from afar,” Middlesex OPP advised. “The animal will most likely avoid you.”

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However, if someone encounters an aggressive animal, officials advised the public to never approach it or turn and run. Instead, stand tall, make lots of noise, and back away from it slowly. If the animal posed an imminent threat to the public, police say you should call authorities immediately.

Additionally, police have provided the following tips to prevent and manage conflicts with coyotes within local communities:

  • don’t put food out to attract wildlife as this makes the animals less fearful of humans over time
  • keep your pets inside at night
  • clean up after your dog — coyotes are attracted to dog feces
  • install a fence on your property, ensuring it extends at least 20 cm underground
  • garbage should be stored in sealed containers or put out on the morning of collection
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