February 11 – McGuire Financial


Today’s financial climate isn’t what it used to be; people are living longer, and goals have changed. Economic factors like rising interest rates and inflation influence how Canadians save, invest and plan. Whether your retirement is around the corner or in the distant future, knowing how to adapt to the current market is critical to your financial well-being. Discover how to build and preserve your money as the cost of living increases.

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McGuire Financial helps clients and businesses with high net worth portfolios and needs advice in complex areas like tax planning, estate planning, insurance, and health spending accounts. We provide businesses, professionals, individuals and families the opportunity to significantly and positively impact their financial success and everyday quality of life. We also assist Businesses, Professionals and families with a more modest portfolio who may need some asset allocation advice and perhaps some basic financial planning help. We are in the financial services business with a unique approach; we help people find money they are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.

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