Saskatchewan Liberals delay picking leader

Saskatchewan Liberals say climate isn't right for choosing new leader in Saskatoon. Leslie Knight / Global News

SASKATOON – The interim leader of the Saskatchewan Liberals says the party will wait for the political climate to change before choosing a new leader.

Greg Gallagher made the comments at TCU Place on Saturday during a convention where the party’s leadership was on the agenda.

Gallagher says Liberals are waiting to see if the government of Premier Brad Wall gets hot under the collar, similar to what’s happening to federal Conservatives with the Senate scandal.

Gallagher says that right now, the Wall government hasn’t reached the same level of disfavour.

But Gallagher says the political climate in Saskatchewan could be different in another year.

The Saskatchewan Party holds 49 seats in the legislature, while the NDP has nine members and the Liberals don’t have any.

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“On top of a good provincial leader you need the right political climate,” Gallagher said.

“The political climate, federally, is perfect if you’re the Liberal leader.”

Reid Hill, who said he plans to seek the Liberal leadership, agreed the timing isn’t right to select a new leader since the party is still building and moving forward with small steps.

Hill said he feels many Saskatchewan Liberals have recently sided with the Saskatchewan Party, which he said is frustrating because he said it’s a right-wing party.

“It’s hard to get those supporters back to the provincial Liberal party, but it’s something that can be done and perhaps (federal Liberal Leader Justin) Trudeau can slowly get them back to just being full-on Liberals,” said Hill.

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