Mayor Rob Ford was intoxicated, ‘had problems walking’ on St. Patrick’s Day 2012, email says

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford was intoxicated, “sweating profusely” and “had problems walking” when he showed up at city hall on St. Patrick’s Day 2012 around 2 a.m according to an email by security staff released on Friday.

The email, with the subject line “Incident with Mayor Rob Ford (St. Patricks Day),” was sent by city hall security staff at 3:52 a.m on March 18.

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It recounts Ford coming back to city hall at approximately 2 a.m. with Chief of Staff Earl Provost and Policy Adviser Brooks Barnett.

“It was quite evident that he was very intoxicated as he had problems walking, was sweating profusely and was swearing at Provost as he walked by the security desk,” the email reads.

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It goes on to say that Ford came back to the security desk several minutes later with “a half bottle of St-Remy French Brandy.” He then “proceeded to make comments about how ‘they’ stole his car,” according to the email.

The security guard writes that he had to remind the mayor that he didn’t drive to city hall that day and his car was parked at his Etobicoke home.

The security guards were concerned enough for the mayor’s wellbeing that they took his brandy and watched him closely once he wandered outside.

“We did our best at keeping him away from the public due to his condition,” the email reads.

At about 10 minutes before 3 a.m., the security guard flagged down a cab for the mayor and Provost.

There also seems to be some hesitation around filing a security report about the incident.

“Due to the nature of the incident involving the mayor,” the email reads, “we will not be submitting any reports but hopefully this email will suffice.”

The email suggests the mayor was quite upset with someone whose name has been redacted: “On a couple of occasions [Ford] started to yell and swear … and made some very alarming allegations.”

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