Jack/Diane/Andy Love Triangle

Genoa City has seen its fair share of tangled love triangles but none have been more memorable than the one between Jack Abbott, Diane Jenkins and Andy Richards. In 1983, The Young and the Restless created "a little ditty about Jack and Diane," plus Andy, with so much complexity and passion it has lasted nearly two decades.

Diane Jenkins was known for being Jack Abbott’s long time girlfriend, but Jack’s torrid love affair with Diane turned scandalous when he pursued the young Jabot model despite his existing marital obligations to Patty Williams. Diane, incapable of resisting Jack’s charm, finally succumbed to his advances and the two began a fiery love affair. Jack and Diane’s relationship hit a terrible snag when Patty went to Jack’s office and caught him in Diane’s arms. As Patty ran out of the office she tripped over a planter, causing her to miscarry. Jack and Diane’s romantic and professional relationship suffered when Jack and Patty tried to solve their marital problems. With Jack temporarily out of the picture, Diane met Andy.

Diane was apprehensive about renewing her contract with Jabot and as she vented her dilemma to Gina Roma, Andy overheard the conversation and introduced himself. Andy just happened to be opening a talent agency and volunteered to help Diane renegotiate her contract. The two worked out the details and Andy went to see Jack. Jack was angry that Diane went behind his back and reluctantly agreed to her new demands. Diane was so excited that she kissed Andy. Things were rapidly escalating between Andy and Diane when Jack was found shot in his office. Diane was divided about her feelings for both men until she visited Jack in the hospital and was rejected by him. Diane went to Andy and confessed, " I love you Andy and want to marry you. Now, today, tomorrow, whenever you want." The two got married that same day at the Justice of the Peace and honeymooned in Hawaii. Things were running smoothly for the newlyweds until they returned to Genoa City and Jack was once again determined to pursue Diane.

Jack refused to believe that his and Diane’s love affair was finished. He swore that one day she would be Mrs. Jack Abbott. Diane still had feelings for Jack even though she was married, and she found guidance through a psychiatrist. When Andy tried to attend therapy meetings with Diane, she refused explaining the sessions were personal. Andy was already feeling shut out when a bouquet of flowers arrived at the house for Diane from Jack. Andy, feeling this was the final straw, went to see Jack and a scuffle ensued. Diane tipped off Paul Williams about where Andy went and Paul arrived just in time to break up the fight and get the gun away from Andy. Andy went home and tried to leave Diane but she begged him to stay and he did a while.

Diane and Andy’s relationship continued to struggle because of Jack. Diane, no longer able to avoid Jack’s advances, finally gave in to her feelings for him. She went to tell Andy of her plans to divorce, but when she arrived, he had a wonderful dinner set up for them. Andy sensed something was wrong and was certain it had to do with Jack. Andy packed his bags and left Diane, giving her time to figure out her true feelings. Diane was ready to be committed to Jack but insisted they abstain from sex to ensure his feelings were true. Jack found no problem with her request since he was getting his physical needs met by another woman (Lindsey Wells). Andy discovered Jack’s sexual indiscretions and confronted him. Jack denied it and immediately went to see Diane before Andy could expose him. Jack created an alibi and presented Diane with a gold and diamond bracelet engraved, "For the length of our days. All my love, Jack." Diane was certain that marriage was in their future.

Diane and Lindsey eventually discovered Jack’s two-timing ways. This resulted in Jack choosing Lindsey over Diane. Diane, unable to cope with her heartbreak, decided to leave Genoa City. A year and a half passed before she would return. Unfortunately, Diane returned to find Andy seriously involved with Faren Conner. Diane pursued Andy in hopes of re-igniting the love they once had. She would stop at nothing and even once climbed into Andy’s bed naked only to be surprised by his new wife, Faren.

This long lasting love triangle between Jack, Diane and Andy took another new twist recently. As Diane and Jack began to rekindle their old flame Victor Newman stepped into the picture and put an end to it by marrying her. Diane tried to become pregnant by stealing Victor’s sperm but Nikki switched the samples, causing Diane to become pregnant by Jack, not Victor. In January 2001, Christian Victor Newman was born, although the paternity test proved Victor wasn’t the father. Diane fled town with the baby to avoid criminal charges. Eight months later, Y&R viewers were surprised to see Diane back in town and now portrayed by actress Susan Walters, who replaced Alex Donnelly. When Jack figured out he was the father of young Christian, now named Kyle, a huge custody battle resulted between he and Diane. Jack’s new wife, Phyllis, was unable to cope with Diane and pressured her to leave town. When Jack discovered his wife’s betrayal, he was furious with her for trying to get in the way of his relationship with Kyle. He decided to teach Phyllis a lesson by having Diane and Kyle move into the pool house. The new living arrangements set off some of daytime television’s most memorable catfights. During her stay, Diane ended up framing Phyllis for attempted murder and arson in hopes of winning Jack back. When Phyllis was arrested and thrown in jail, it looked as if Diane had won the fight. Phyllis and Jack desperately devised a plan. The plan forced Jack to sleep with Diane in hopes of getting information from her to use in the trial. Throughout the trial, Andy couldn’t believe that the woman he once loved could be guilty. With the help of Paul and Lynne the truth was exposed and Phyllis was free. Diane lost custody of her son and much credibility with her friends, although Andy maintainsa soft spot in his heart for her.

Will these three ever be romantically involved again? Who knows! But with 20 years of passion between them, history is bound to repeat itself.


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