Canadian Coast Guard warns Midland residents to stay off the ice next week

The Canadian Coast Guard advises residents in Midland, Ont., that the CCGS Griffon will be carrying out icebreaking operations. Supplied by Fisheries and Oceans Canada Canadian Coast, Guard Central Region

Residents in the Midland, Ont., area may notice some activity on Georgian Bay next week and stay off the ice with the Canadian Coast Guard planning some icebreaking operations.

On Tuesday, Jan. 10 and Friday, Jan 13, the Canadian Coast Guard will be using the CCGS Griffon to carry out icebreaking operations in the area.

The coast guard said the purpose of these operations is to break up the ice to allow commercial vessels safe and efficient movement in and out of the port.

All traffic on the ice, including pedestrians, fishers, snowmobilers and all-terrain vehicle operators, is warned to leave the ice during icebreaking operations.

The coast guard said ice may move, creating a real danger for anyone on it and that people should use extreme caution when going on the ice after operations are complete.

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“Unstable ice conditions remain long after the icebreaker has left the area. Icebreaking on the Great Lakes and connecting waterways is delivered through close cooperation between the Canadian and United States Coast Guards,” the coast guard said in a statement.

Vessels will be assigned as needed to provide this service, officials said.

The coast guard said the date and assets are subject to change with no notice, as activities could begin before or after that period, depending on operational requirements and weather conditions.

Further information on the operations can be viewed on the government of Canada’s website.

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