University of Saskatchewan ghost walk

SASKATOON – The University of Saskatchewan is 106 years old, and with age comes a much storied past, filled in part with spooky tales and haunting memories.

Thousands of students and faculty members have walked the halls and studied in the lecture rooms but deep within, what looks to be a normal exterior are tragic stories and unexplained mysteries. Organizers are sharing a few of them in a ghost walk.

“Unfortunately due to health and safety standards, the university needs it’s lights on at all times, so it doesn’t have that super creepy walking through the dark aspect that say a haunted house would but I mean some of the stories are still quite eerie,” said Leland Maclachlan, U of S ghost walk guide.

Leland Maclachlan spent a couple months researching campus myths, gathering old campus articles and talking to professors. He applied it all to a tour, making over seven stops, telling about 15 historical tales.

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Room 271, or the ‘Airplane Room’ in the Thorvaldson Building, is a popular spot.  It was used as a flight training room during the Second World War.

“The pilots would write down their names and squadron numbers on the paper airplanes and would shoot them into the ceilings and then they would go off to war and over the war their wives, girlfriends, loved ones would come in to the room to check on their paper airplanes because if their airplane had fallen from the ceiling that meant their plane in real life had been shot down,” said Maclachlan.

The hour-and-a-half long tour was expected to be a one night affair, the overwhelming interest has the tour running five nights, the last of which goes Sunday.

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