‘Focus Saskatchewan’ dives deep into First Nations policing, war in Ukraine

Darryl Burns, brother of victim Gloria Burns, embraces Skye Sanderson during a press conference at James Smith Cree Nation, Sask., on Thursday, September 8, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Heywood Yu. The Canadian Press

Focus Saskatchewan is back with another episode in its newest season.

Last week, Global News dove deep into the attacks that took place on James Smith Cree Nation and the impact it has left on those in the community.

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In episode two, Focus Saskatchewan will explore the idea of First Nations policing. The attacks on James Smith Cree Nation have opened questions further on how policing should be handled.

Audiences will also be taken through the events that occurred 24 hours before the stabbings, when Saskatchewan RCMP were on James Smith Cree Nation and spoke to Damian Sanderson, one of the suspects.

Click to play video: 'Focus Saskatchewan: First Nations Policing'
Focus Saskatchewan: First Nations Policing

The second episode of Focus Saskatchewan will also dive deep into the war in Ukraine and the effect it is having in Saskatchewan.

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Viewers will be introduced to one man who has been volunteering overseas for several months and how he helps both people and animals involved in the war.

Click to play video: 'Focus Saskatchewan: Brett Drozd and the Ukraine war'
Focus Saskatchewan: Brett Drozd and the Ukraine war

And finally, Global News explores the life of one man who had his life altered when the Russians launched Sputnik, changing his career forever.

Click to play video: 'Focus Saskatchewan: John Gieisy'
Focus Saskatchewan: John Gieisy

Focus Saskatchewan premiers Saturdays at 6:30 p.m.


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