Ted Field in Pemberton: An Exciting Week Concludes

We are sitting at our favourite eating spot – the Pony Espresso in Pemberton – trying assess the whole festival.

A lot of people left their hearts and more at the Pemberton Festival. The lost and found is stuffed full of stuff – including credit cards and even passports – guess they plan on staying here.


The rush to the stage was amazing – people rushing for the front row of the stage – a place where they will stand and shout for hours.

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                                                Rushing the Mosh Pit 

Thankfully a wall kept the rush from crushing our crew including Sergio, Jamie and Darren.

                                            Our Crew Saved by the Barrier 

One highlight was an interview Erin Cebula of ET Canada scored with the lead singer of Coldplay – nice singer but I can’t remember his name!

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ET Canada’s Erin Cebula with Chris Martin and Guy Berryman of Coldplay 

During his performance he said he was thankful everyone stayed considering the long lineups getting to the festival. That was the number one complaint although a reporter with Rolling Stone says lineups at Europen festivals can stretch seven hours.

Lineups are the number one issue but it still seems amazing tens of thousands of people can gather in a field and have a good time without major incidents. Maybe the yahoo factor that has killed many B.C. events is taking a breather. Good news for people who want to see world class entertainment come to our area.

Now its time for the crew to take a rest.

                               Our Global Crew at Pemberton 
Rear: Darren Twiss, Randy Malcher, Sergio Magro, Marsha Gabriel, Al Coen
                              Front: Jamie Forsythe, Ted Field 

From Pemberton – good night and good luck.

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Photos by Sergio Magro, Jamie Forsythe and Darren Twiss